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2016 AMA Annual Conference

Learn from the best, from where you choose. Select speakers from the AMA Annual Conference tackle the 7 Big Problems of Marketing.

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2016 AMA Annual Conference

Delivering results through marketing today takes a community of question askers, risk takers and problem solvers. It takes people who know how to put Answers in Action.

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  • Linda Boff, CMO, GE - Marketing Through Transformation
    At 124 years old, the one constant GE counts on is change. As GE evolves into the world's leading Digital Industrial company – connecting machines in every industry with industrial-strength strength -- it faces new challenges of how to market transformation. Join Linda Boff, GE's Chief Marketing Officer, as she outlines the key pillars guiding GE's most creative work and how GE constantly evolves its storytelling.

  • Meghan Coles, Brand Strategy Lead, LinkedIn - The Role of Marketing: Evolution or Revolution?
    Marketing as a discipline has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and the pace of change continues to accelerate.  Marketers today need to not only keep pace with the change as a practitioner, but also to develop talent, capabilities, and ultimately to impact business growth and customer loyalty. Join Meghan as she brings insights from inside Silicon Valley and beyond to discuss if today's marketing organization requires a complete revolution or if yesterday's fundamentals still succeed.

  • Steve Dominguez, Vice President, Global Brands, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House - Occasion-based targeting and brand differentiation: how segmentation based on occasions can manifest in brand experience
    Hyatt Hotels as a brand portfolio is working to further differentiate its brand portfolio through a focus on the high-end consumer mindset and how this consumer is best served in different occasions across its brand portfolio. This presentation will share how occasion-based targeting is used by Hyatt brands to differentiate in a changing and increasing competitive marketplace.

  • Jim Lecinski, Vice President, Integrated Sales and Chief ZMOT Evangelist, Google - Winning in the New Normal: The Five Key Questions Marketers Should Be Asking Now
    As the consumers continue to become more and more connected, their use of digital is changing the way they make buying decisions, and marketers need to change the way they build and grow their brands.  In this "New Normal" there are five key questions that will help marketers be more successful.  This session will share those questions along with practical examples and tips that marketers can take away to act on now.

  • Helen Donnelly, Director, Vertical Strategy, Verizon - Lead with ‘Why’. Sell the ‘How’ and ‘What’: How relevance drives better sales and demand gen results
    You’re in a dogfight for your customers’ attention. Add to the mix a complex portfolio of products and services and a diverse set of target market segments and it’s enough to send even a seasoned marketer packing. What can you do to make your marketing campaigns stand apart? The answer: Relevance. Attend this session to learn how more targeted, use case-driven messaging can best attract and compel customers to engage. Helen, Executive Director, Vertical Strategy at Verizon Enterprise, will share practical examples from over 20 years selling and marketing technology solutions into B2B customers across practically every industry. She’ll discuss in this interactive session how to:
    • ​Convince product marketing to lead with why
    • Cast a smaller net but get better results 
    • Create use cases that pass the “so what?” test
    • Tap industry resources to do your marketing for you

  • Marc Dispensa, CTO, Equals 3 - Drowning in data? Meet marketing's new best friend
    Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a game-changer for every industry it enters. Discover how the power of today’s cognitive capabilities can be applied to the world of marketing. Introducing “Lucy,” powered by IBM Watson. She absorbs, analyzes and delivers insights from the entirety of your enterprise knowledge. What can you look forward to with a cognitive companion on the team? Productivity will grow, exponentially. Complex analysis becomes simple. One person will be able to accomplish 10 times more at a level of depth not possible before.
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